What Is Cahootify?


Cahootify is an online project portfolio and team forming platform for creative production, which includes the following, film, media and entertainment professionals.

On Cahootify you can sign up with Facebook/google + or alternatively you can just create a new account. Once you have signed up/signed in you can add tags in your profile this is also known as Folksonomy, i have written a blog on what folksonomy is, check  it out here. These are the few tags which you can add e.g. Director, screenwriter, Actress, Actor, Behind the scenes, background artists etc. This will allow other users on Cahootify to find you. for example if they are searching for an actor they will search for an actor and all the actors will come up and so you will. So it is very important you add tags.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 14.15.47

You yourself can get involved in other users projects, if a project catches your eyes you can see what roles are available and you can express your interest and they will get back to you.


There are many ways to create an online presence, firstly you need have a vision and purpose. You can not just start doing something for the fun of it, e.g. if you start a blog you can’t just post anything and everything, you need to have a structure, you need to know what you feel passionate about and have certain topics which you will discuss on the blog. This is same for film makers, because if you want to be known for professional, good work you can not use people who are not experienced in that field otherwise that will reflect on you and not them because you made the film and recruited everyone.

Anyway, It is very CRUCIAL you do not post anything which you do not want everyone to see, so for example you tweet an image out which is inappropriate, you will get backlash for this is you are looking for job or recruiting people to work with. It could Impact your professional online presence or even your career!!


That is the question – How do you want to be known?

Secondly it is important for you to be open about yourself, this does not mean share your deepest, darkest secret online (haha) it just means tell them a little bit about yourself, so for example on twitter in your bio explain who you are, what you do and why you do it,where you are based, just a little overview on who you are. Also have an image as your profile picture where you can tell its you. Lastly include any other links to sits such as, your website, blog etc.

Using Social Media to market yourself/work online.

There are many social media platforms where you can market your finished product, these include, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress etc. You can use twitter to share a link to your work so for example if you and your crew worked a video you can out this on YouTube where you will have a demographic range of people who will look at it and this link to your YouTube channel can be shared on to your twitter page. On Facebook you can create pages where you can gather audiences e.g. likes, following and you can use this page to market your finished product on.

But do not limit yourself to just links to pages, explore, think out of the box!! Create an animation related to your related product, use an image to promote your work, this way your audience will know what you have made, if you just share links they might not click on it so make sure you also share images, videos.

Marketing yourself online includes you linking all your pages/sites to Twitter but also on your pages and other sites you should link everything to it. This means if someone finds your blog they will also know you have twitter, Instagram, YouTube and then they will check those platforms out and so on. It is also important you always update your social networking sites especially your work related lets say Twitter as that’s mostly used for work related basis. Anyway share links, photo’s etc. keep your followers engaged and interact with them by commenting or retweeting their tweets.

How to use platforms to drive traffic to your Cahootify profile?

As Cahootify isn’t a very well-known platform, you will have to drive attention to your profile so your audience know what you do and what you have to offer them. You should link your profile link to you twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking sites you may have. This will promote your profile and maybe encourage other users who work in media to create a Cahootify profile. Also there will be so many other people out there on the web who are looking for people to recruit to make a project and if you link your profile on your social platforms they will be able to look at what work you do and can get in touch with you about it. You should also always update your social networking sites with your Cahootify portfolio e.g. if you want to start a new project it should be shared on your sites so everyone can know so even the Amateurs can have a shot at this project and gain skills.

Once users start to click on your profile they will want to create one for themselves and soon it will become popular because they will be talking about it to their friends/family and to their audience (Twitter, Facebook). This is also known as Word of mouth because people will be sharing this with other people and then they will share with someone else and it carries on, which results in everyone being aware of it.

Is Cahootify a social networking sites or online community?

In my opinion i think Cahootify is an online community the reason why i think this is because online communities allow the members to find and establish their own connections, whereas social networking sites recommend specific peer-to-peer connections. So on Cahootify you find other members who you want to work with and you connect with them.


(You can connect with anyone you want to if they appeal to you)

Secondly social networking sites have so many people who do not have anything in common whereas communities bring in a cohesive group. Yes you can see where this is going Cahootify only contains members who work in the same are, which is media – tv, photography, film, sound, graphic designer etc.


(Everyone has something in common/looking for the same thing)

Let me compare this with our day-to-day life basis to make it easier. We all have social networking life offline with people we talk to from different backgrounds, interests, habits etc. and you are open to talk to anyone even if they don’t share the same interests in you, this works the same way for Social networking sites.

In our lives we also have a community who we share the same interests with this can include, sports, shopping etc. Now you wouldn’t go shopping with someone if they didn’t like to, you would go with someone who likes shopping from your friends. This also works for Online communities you want to work with people who have same interests and experience in you field.


Overall I think Cahootify is an Online Community, which i think you should really check out if you are into media and want to find other people who you can work with to create a new project or first project.

Watch a video which Cahootify uploaded on YouTube and subscribe to them.

Enjoy using Cahootify and good luck on your next project 🙂



Content Schedule


, , , , ,

I have created a Schedule which i will put out over the next 3 months. There is a mixture of everything as you can see December will be a christmas month/new years and in January i will be giving some tips on what to eat and exercise, i have an reward evening i will be attending at my secondary school so ill give outfit idea’s and what i wore with a review of the evening. Then the Valentine month will start and i will review products and how to create a hairstyle.

If you have any suggestions you would like me to review, write or anything just message or tweet me on twitter – @LukeOnMars

Content Schedule

Have a great day! 🙂

Its that time of the year


Well guess what guys.. 1st December!! Can you believe it we are only 24days away till CHRISTMAS!! I guess we need to start getting into the christmas spirit. I know a lot of people do not put there tree up until the week of christmas, whereas i start putting my decorations up after Thanksgiving.

You must be thinking how should i get into the christmas spirit well i can tell you that i have a few idea’s up my sleeve which will be very useful.









These candles are LIFE!! they have one of the most prettiest smells ever and really does get you into the christmas mood. My Favourite scents are Holiday Magic, Snowflake cookie, christmas treats and savour the season. These four are literally my fave, light them up in your house and just switch on some christmas music and there you go christmas mood.

I tend to light a different candle in each room so when you walk past you get a different smell from it.

The next thing you can do is make your self a hot cup of coco with marshmallows and throw on some Christmas DVD’s, i know this always gets me into the christmas spirit.

My top 5 christmas movies to watch are;

  1. Its a wonderful Life.

Its a wonderful life

2. ELF


3. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

National Lampoons christmas

4.  Jingle All The Way

Jingle all the way

5. Christmas In Connecticut

Christmas in Connecticut

This is how I get into the christmas Spirit, i hope you all enjoy these movies, if you have any other ways that you guys get into the Christmas Spirit just tweet me @LukeOnMars, It will be nice to know what your christmas must haves are.

On that note i hope you all have a nice day and I will be back in a few days with another blog.

P.S let me know if you have any requests for my next post.

Scream Queens – Thanksgiving


This is the first ever season of Scream Queens a horror comedy television series created by Ryan Murphy, the director of American Horror Story.  Starring the amazing Jamie lee Curtis, Emma Roberts,  Lea Michele, Oliver Hudson and many more.

On Tuesday Night it was the 10th episode – Thanksgiving. On Thursday night i took to twitter to join the conversation whilst watching the episode. (yes i know Thursday night, i was a little late, but better late than never) In the beginning of the episode you saw Chanel talking to Chad about Hester and in the previous episode chanel pushed her down the stairs. So anyway she was telling Chad hester in the meat locker and all of sudden i was like she’s not dead, as we have seen in the previous episode when ever someone is put in the meat locker they have magically disappeared.


As we have established in Episode 9 – Ghost stories that Boone (Nick Jonas) is one of the Devils and he has a sister which is the other devil. So in my opinion i think it is Hester (Lea Michele) However, coming to the ending of the episode we found out the Boone (Nick Jonas) Is Grace’s Brother.


Grace’s father is Wes Gardener ( Oliver Hudson) see now you can see a resemblance between Boone and Wes.

Boone and wes

From this new clue we have gotten we know that it has to be someone who  sort of resemblance Boone and Wes, so i either think its is Chanel no2 or Hester. Yes Chanel no2 is dead but is she really dead? I just have this feeling that she maybe not dead, that it is all a game that she cam back as a ghost then again i could be wrong. However Hester is a very good suspect because firstly she is a bit of a psycho and secondly we haven’t seen her parents whereas we have seen everyone else’s parents, so there is a very good chance of Hester being the Other Red Devil and besides she’s got brown hair and could pass for Wes’s daughter but so could Chanel no2 but that is if she is not dead.

Can we all take a moment and breathe! Chad Michael Murray is on scream queens!!


As i know scream queens fans went into a frenzy on Tuesday night, finding  out that not only is Chad Murray on scream queens but also Patrick Schwarzenegger. Did this show just get better!

3 more episodes to go, Lets see who the Red Devil is!

Here you can watch the latest episode of Scream Queens.

How to survive the first year at Uni


Here is a post which can help all freshers students when the first start University, the essentials which you will need to bring with you and what you should do when you go.

There is also a little helping hand for Leeds Uni students to where they can go for freshers week.


Mini fridge– An essential purchase that you need consider before moving into halls is buying a mini fridge for your room, sharing a kitchen between 25 other students isn’t fun when it comes to fridge space. You will find yourself endlessly trying to squeeze milk bottles into any available space to then go back and find that someone has drank half of it! Having your own fridge is convenient and helps you keep track of your own food…there are some awful smells seeping from the fridge that you just don’t know where its coming from.


Cleaning equipment– Although the cleaner comes round every 2 weeks, it’s not enough to just to rely on as hygiene levels can get pretty bleak in a tiny kitchen shared between 25 people, no one feels like they should have to buy cleaning products for everyone else to use or clean up after anyone else so the people that don’t clean up after themselves leave it disgusting for everyone else! So I would recommend buying your own tea towels/cloths/cleaning products.

Kitchen Cleaning Products

Buy air fresheners– Along with the mess comes unearthly smells you haven’t smelt before, they can linger into the corridors, mainly due to spilt alcohol in the corridor carpets amongst other things probably including vomit. Make sure you bring air fresheners for your room to make it nice and appealing compared to the rest of your halls.


Ear plugs– If you choose not to go out one evening maybe because you have an early lecture or have to get up for work or just choose not to go out all the time then you will need to buy earplugs. The doors are thin especially if your room is next to stairs or kitchen you are guaranteed to be woken up by drunken antics of your flatmates coming in at all hours, and your sleeping pattern will become disturbed.

pink ear plugs

Door stop– In fresher’s week to meet your neighbours you will require a door stop, that way people are more likely to stop and chat to say hello, rather than isolating and being unsociable with a closed door.




Hide food– There is at least one inconsiderate person in your flat that doesn’t realise that taking other peoples food without asking is wrong. We are all in the same boat at university where are money budget is low so therefore buying food has to be minimum. Yet some people do not understand this so therefore if you don’t want your food robbed hide it in your room!!

Shared toilet– If you are the unlucky ones which have to live in the budget accommodation it is more than likely you have to share a toilet with more than 5 people. In order to save yourself from embarrassment buy an air freshener so you can hide the bad smells.

Buy fresher’s wristband– It essential that you buy a fresher’s wristband if you want to go out every night as you don’t want to be queuing the cold in night. The queues in Leeds to get into the clubs are a joke so therefore if you don’t want to be left disappointed by not getting in them buy a wristband so you are more than guaranteed to get in them straight away.

Save up in advance for fresher’s week as you will be going out every single night for a week. Your student loan will more than likely not have come through by then so therefore you have to rely on your own money to get you through fresher’s week. Even though the drinks on this week may be cheap you have to take into consideration that the money bought for them adds up. So if you don’t want to be left out during the time everyone is bounding through getting pissed, save up your money!

Here are some places you can go to for freshers week in leeds.

2015 AMA’s


It was that time of the year where celebrities get together for an award show, and we all know what that means… FASHION!!! Many Celebrities walked down the red carpet in their best outfits. Lets take a look at a few outfits which i thought were really nice.

                                                   Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez wore an old hollywood inspired red sequin dress , with a very daring low back by Givenchy. She looked beautiful in this and looks very grown up. She paired this with some simple black sandals.

Heres an inspired look of this outfit dress from Asos an open back fishtail dress – £80. Sandals from Asos for £38.  You can pair this with some black studded earrings from Riverisland  – £6.00.

                                                 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana wore Giambattista Valli Fall 2015 Couture Dress and wore Dsquared2 queen Mary sandals. This was a very cute pink dress which really suited her, it was a very simple dress but wow. She really did pull this of and pairing the dress with embellished sandals just topped it all of.

Here are some inspired looks for the sandals Alexander Mcqueen, White embellished sandal heeled – £70.00

Now lets take a look at a couple of looks from the red carpet from the men shall we.

Nick Jonas

nick jonas

I think this look is sort of cute he’s rocking the sweater look with a blazer and trousers. So its smart and casual at the same time. I honestly think he’s rocking this turtle neck with this suit. #50shadesofgrey as some are saying.

Here is a similar look Grey twist roll neck jumper £25.00, Peter Werth Blazer £179 and a grey textured wool blend trousers £50.00

Justin Bieber


However Justin Bieber went for a very causal look wearing a nirvana shirt, ripped jeans and white pumps. I thought this was a very laid back Attire and really i think he looked pretty good and distend out from the rest because most of them wore suits, black jeans, leather jackets etc. so this was different in my opinion.

Here is the exact same shirt from Etsy but now it is sold out. Biker jeans – £39.99.

If you are feeling really crafty and don’t want to spend that extra pounds on some ripped jeans why not just do it yourself with some old pair of jeans. Here’s a tutorial.

70’s Fashion


The 70’s was a very colourful, fun, retro era. Flares , weirdly odd patterns. When you think of the fashion you think of hippie because thats what sort of time it was.


and now ITS BACK! Lets take a look at how it has wiggled its self way back in.

Kendall Jenner

(Kendall Jenner wearing Frame Denim Jumpsuit)

Looks like Kendall is going back in time with this flared denim jumpsuit, she has paired this with some brown suede heeled boots and a brown belt to compliment her figure. This has 70’s written all over it. Kendall Jenner is really hot right now, especially as she is walking down the Victoria Secrets Runway 2015, and has been the face of Calvin Klein and also the front cover of teen vogue. You can tell that she keeps up with the latest fashion trends.

Other celebrities have followed the foot steps of Kendall Jenner, the lovely Kelli Burglund . For the 2015 nickelodeon kids choice award she rocked a 70’s style outfit, she wore white flare pants and a black crop top.

Kelly burgiland

(Kelli Berglund at the kids choice award)

As we all know Vanessa Hudgens is the Boho queen hands down, she has always rocked the 70’s look and always looks flawless.

Vanessa Hudgens

Now looking at Vanessa Hudgens fashion it makes you want to wear clothes like her and rock it the way she does. Well you can check out ASOS, Boohoo for the latest 70’s retro fashion. I think you should take a look at this Jumpsuit from tiptop, it would be a good outfit for a night out with friends.

To complete your 70’s style take a look at Abbeys blog for good 70’s music.



When ever someone asks me about life, it automatically becomes a deep conversation as you just sit there and reminisce about your entire life and then you go through all your mistakes that you have made and all the things which you could of done. 

I know in my life I have made many mistakes but do I regret them? No, no I don’t that’s because with those mistakes I am the person I am today. I mean how would you learn what is right and wrong if you haven’t made a mistake. So don’t beat your self down when you’ve made a mistake because one day you will look back and be like ‘yes if I never did that and realised it was wrong my whole life would be different’ 

‘Perfection always starts with mistakes’

‘Every new day is another chance to change your life’ this quote is inspiring because it gets you thinking that you didn’t do something right today that’s fine you can start a whole new day tomorrow and be a better person. 

Always remember to live each and everyday to your fullest, don’t let people get to you. If you want to do something and if that makes you happy so go ahead and do it because either way there will be haters, so live live live!! 

I mean that’s how I live my life now and I can tell you this its so much better and I have so much fun with amazing friends around me! 


Crimson Peak Podcast

If you want to know how to promote a movie listen to this podcast on soundcloud on how to promote Crimson Peak.

Taxonomy vs Folksonomy On YouTube

Taxonomy is a formal using tired term structure. For example – A deck of cards can be put into color order, reds and blacks, it can also be put into numerically or the shapes on the cards. So technically categorized.

Folksonomy refers to categorizations by the user and this is used on online content. E.g. Tags.

Searching videos on YouTube is simple.The YouTube team has considerably simplified their video search function making it easier for people to perform advanced searches on YouTube without learning any complicated syntax.So the searching line is considered as Taxonomy on YouTube. However, if we want to find video we just need to look at categories on YouTube. The categories are considered also to Taxonomy. The most common categories are music, sports, gaming, movies, TV shows, news or category such as Popular. The funny thing of the category (popular) is that it’s basically Taxonomy but people made it also as folksonomy.


Folksonomy is used on YouTube so it is easier for the users to find the content which they are looking for. On YouTube tags are used so the search is more effective the content can be found straight away, instead of flickering through the pages, due to the popular tags. It is also used as categorization because the user who is uploading the video should say who is in the video or who created it. For example, on YouTube if you do a collaboration with another person you should say who is in the video, that way when searching for someone else’s video and they were in another video it will come up as well due to the tags used. The likes and dislikes are also folksonomy because the user can disable these buttons for their video’s and they can also enable them.

YouTube’s internal classification system has allowed users to make their content more accessible and easily found. For example, YouTube was bought by Google in 2006, and operates as one of its subsidiaries. Therefore, when creating a YouTube channel, it will ask you to sign in with Goggle, allowing your account information from Google+ to be transferred. Keeping this consistency through your social networks will allow you to be become more recognizable, and your content more likely to be viewed. Along with linking in profiles, YouTube asks you to add links to your channel as well as anautomatic share to other social media platforms when you post a new video. This is a direct way of building up your social media presence.